sexta-feira, setembro 03, 2004

Portuguese goverment won´t allow freedom of speech

This will be the first of some posts that I will Wright in English just for the kick that I get out of it. This time I will Wright about something that is disturbing the Portuguese society at the time. The boat Women on Waves that as been, for the past week, stopped near Portuguese territorial waters without permission from the Portuguese government to approach our waters. This boat, as some of you might know, is campaigning for women’s liberation in what is the right to an abortion is concerned. In Portugal, unfortunately, women’s right’s have been denied by a referendum witch was marked by a very high abstentions level caused by both the way the question, in that referendum, was put and the pressure of the Catholic Church. At the present time pools have been made and they show that the vast majory of the people requires a change on the bill stating that women who are caught having a voluntary abortion, are committing a crime punished by a three year sentence in a court of law. Has a Portuguese citizen I must say how embaraced I am because of this anti-democratic decision taken by our government.
There is a petition going on in the internet to collect signatures of concerned people so that we may put some pressure into the Portuguese government in allowing the boat to come in to territorial waters and then exercise what is the most basic and elementary principal of democracy, the freedom of speech.
Here is the link for the petition please, if you agree, sign it.

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